Malvi S’mores Milkshake and Giveaway

A few weeks ago I saw some bloggers that I follow post pictures of some marshmallow treats I absolutely wanted to get my hands on.  I quickly searched and found them, ordered the sampler and it was at my door a couple days later.  Malvi makes homemade marshmallows, cookies and marshmallow sandwiches.  They are AMAZING.  My favorite are these salted caramel cookie treats.  So I was excited to get the opportunity to try out some more products and create something in the kitchen.


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New House Tour!

I apologize, as I have no “Friday Faves” for you.  My evenings have been spent unpacking boxes upon boxes and trying to get my kitchen set up.  I really cannot wait to get back to cooking and baking.  Especially in my shiny new kitchen with pretty new appliances! I still cannot believe we’re in honestly.  We’re still getting settled and unpacked, but it feels so good to call it ours.  Well, mostly.  The front and back yard is somewhat of a clay pit with several small ponds.  That will happen if it ever stops raining and dries out enough!  Our neighbors probably think we just decided to forgo grass to save on mowing duties.  Soon. I hope.

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Friday Faves

Guys.  Our house is almost done. I cannot believe it’s almost here!  We’ve got a big moving task ahead of us in the next few weeks, so bare with me as I probably won’t be very active.  I’m not abandoning ship again I promise!  Also..check out our floors! EEEEK!  Oh, and I am going to share a sneaker of the kitchen as a whole.  It’s my favorite. So. Close. Now.

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Loaded Baked Potato “Crack” Dip

Recently some of the girls in town started a new Bunco group.  Thankfully I was lucky enough to be included in the group, because I really enjoy it.  It’s a great group of girls, and a super fun time.  Plus I’m super competitive so even rolling dice and leaving things to chance gets me revved up for a “W”.  (Although I’ve yet to take a single penny home).  We always do potluck type snacks and everyone brings whatever their hearts desire.  This go round I decided to bring my “go to” dip.  _MG_1072 Continue reading

Snow Day and Friday Favs!

Happy Friday friends!  As I mentioned in my last post,  we had a beautiful snow day on Wednesday!  At least 4 inches here and we see that much maybe once every few years.  It was beautiful! Since Texans aren’t very savvy when it comes to driving in the snow, I worked from home that day and got to enjoy some snowman building and snowball throwing fun. I wanted to share some pictures for the sake of the memories we made.  (please ignore what our dryer did to the pretty “fur” around her hood)_MG_0982

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Low Carb Eggs In A Nest


Monday we had an “ice day”, which I know most northerners probably find completely ridiculous.  It’s seriously sketchy driving on roads that are completely iced over.  This might look like pretty snow, but I assure you all I was doing was slipping and sliding.  I couldn’t even park all the way up in my in-laws drive way I was sliding so much.  Today we had a beautiful snow which was completely beautiful! I’ll share those pictures soon! Continue reading