Loaded Baked Potato “Crack” Dip

Recently some of the girls in town started a new Bunco group.  Thankfully I was lucky enough to be included in the group, because I really enjoy it.  It’s a great group of girls, and a super fun time.  Plus I’m super competitive so even rolling dice and leaving things to chance gets me revved up for a “W”.  (Although I’ve yet to take a single penny home).  We always do potluck type snacks and everyone brings whatever their hearts desire.  This go round I decided to bring my “go to” dip.  _MG_1072 Continue reading

Snow Day and Friday Favs!

Happy Friday friends!  As I mentioned in my last post,  we had a beautiful snow day on Wednesday!  At least 4 inches here and we see that much maybe once every few years.  It was beautiful! Since Texans aren’t very savvy when it comes to driving in the snow, I worked from home that day and got to enjoy some snowman building and snowball throwing fun. I wanted to share some pictures for the sake of the memories we made.  (please ignore what our dryer did to the pretty “fur” around her hood)_MG_0982

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Low Carb Eggs In A Nest


Monday we had an “ice day”, which I know most northerners probably find completely ridiculous.  It’s seriously sketchy driving on roads that are completely iced over.  This might look like pretty snow, but I assure you all I was doing was slipping and sliding.  I couldn’t even park all the way up in my in-laws drive way I was sliding so much.  Today we had a beautiful snow which was completely beautiful! I’ll share those pictures soon! Continue reading

Browned Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies


What else are you supposed to do on a cold rainy Sunday afternoon in east Texas? Bake cookies of course with your adorable todder. It must have been the thing to do because my friend Brooke called to ask a cookie related question at the exact time we were ‘making’ them. (Adorable side note, Kirkley always says we’re going to ‘make’ instead of ‘bake’. I love it). Continue reading

4 years, a New House and Bookmarks…Oh My!

4 years and 3 days ago I decided to start a blog.  Mainly because I would post everything I made on facebook and was always asked for recipes.  I really enjoyed blogging, I’ve not been consistent or ever present but I still enjoy it.  I’ve let it overwhelm me a bit much and feel as though anything I post has to be perfect with perfect pictures and original recipes.  Plus, I’ve had quite a few major life events in the past 4 years.  Ideally I just want a place to be a creative outlet and document my life, because Lord knows scrapbooking takes WAY too much time :-).

I had a similar revelation and post about a year ago.  Speaking of, my child grew fast in a year!  Guess I just am not that great at keeping up. I am going to go ahead and use the…we’re building a house excuse.  We’re almost done at that, and I cannot wait to get in!  I keep telling myself once we’re in, I’m picking back up the food posts.  It’s been a little busy for us lately :-).

In case you don’t follow on instagram, we broke ground in October of last year and are about 3 weeks out I’d say.  Hopefully less, but I know this is the time that it’s hard to get those last details done.  I’ll try and do an “official” tour once it’s all done with better pictures, but for now here are a couple in fast forward mode.

Our lot “before” (really this is with quite a bit cleared):

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Thursday Things

Happy almost Friday friends!  It’s been a doozy of a past couple weeks, fun but non-stop.  Literally haven’t really had a night at home to just sit and catch up on my shows in a two weeks. Between birthdays, work, travelling and tennis I’m running myself tired, but its worth it. Next week will be better.

Kirkley turned 2 last week. I have no idea how that happened either, but it did without my permission.  I’ll play catch up on pictures later when I have a moment to breathe.  Here’s a gif from her birthday party that Doug created from my father in laws pictures.

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Chunky Guacamole With a Secret Ingredient


I have a confession.  It’s terrible and horrible and I can hardly believe it myself.  I used to hate guacamole.  I know, it’s insane to think anyone could hate guacamole.  Long ago in a land far away I used to hate a lot of things I now love.  Onions, tomatoes, avocados, Brussels sprouts were all on the list.  Now, I eat every one of those on a daily basis almost, no lie.    Continue reading